Thorax or stabber fits for learning to kite solo?

Thinking of buying 5 or 10 of the same fit and welping them in lowsec, possibly FW. Goal being to get semi competent at this style of play when getting in a navy cruiser or cynabal. Looking for mostly t2 fits for high SP. Anyone feel like sharing their fits?

Slots or fitting stats have not changed in Lifeblood so the fitting is still viable. The better tracking bonus probably helps it a lot.

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I used this fit to practice for a Cyna was quite fun to fly but challenging to say the least :smiley: Was able to break out of a gate camp with it by killing off the inti tackle and warping out, solo’ed a kitey omen stuff like that, hope the fit serves you well :] good luck.

Loaded in the pic is barrage with 29k fall off and 36 tracking, which seems to be enough to kill off inti’s.


well sure as hell not the thorax lol. but the stabber is good at this and there are even a few videos on it

Since the recent changes in January, the Omen is a kiting beast.

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Yea lasers are doing decently this patch Omen/Omen Navy/Retribution (not the zealot which sux hahahaha) I like it :smiley: the rest of the ships need to catch up.

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