Thormek Consortium: We need new pilots!


(Kerono Thalmor) #1

Thormek Consortium is looking for brand new pilots who want to get into PvP, or even who are getting into industry but are okay with fighting.

We offer:

  • A secure home base.
  • A learning environment in Minmatar factional warfare.
  • Free skillbooks.
  • No minimum SP requirement. Even if it’s your first day, we want you!
  • Regular combat ops.

Soon to come:

  • Free ammunition.

As an added bonus, the first five people to join get a free, fully-fit Stabber cruiser, to keep or sell! That’s over 10m ISK worth, as a gift to you!

(Kerono Thalmor) #2

Still looking for people. Just about to join an alliance, so we will be doing ops with them as well as our own.

(system) #3

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