New minmatar pilot looking for a corporation ^ ^

Hi there

Im a new player (5 days old) currently in minmatar space running security missions but looking to be part of something.

Being a new player I cant bring much to the table skill wise but I do my own research so will not dominate your corporation chat with thousands of queries, I’ve found im quite interested in the PvP and PvE line of things during my time so far.

I’m looking for the correct fit for myself, ive been in the recruitment channel for a few days and i’ve not found anything that suits somebody such as myself - What i’d like is a newer corporation ran by experienced leadership with short term achievable goals and ambitious long term goals or a well established corporation with an ‘academy’ corporation where I could further learn my trade in until I can step up so to speak.

Im UK based, currently I have ALOT of free time due to the pandemic but in normal times I can easily put 10 hours a week in if not more. My age range falls into the 30-35 bracket so im mature… but not too much :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!

Hey Venoxide,

Welcome to EvE! You should check us out. I am playing this game since 2010 and decided to start my own corp. We are small of course and looking to grow to a small/medium size. We are member of an alliance of about 150 pilots so there is always someone to fly with or chat with.

check out our recruitment post:


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