Thread for general feedback on 'new' FW

subj, where do I find it?
Perhaps the question is lame, but I’m not really used to eveforums structure and that’s the first time in years I really want to post some feedback and ask a few questions, but can’t find just the right place for it.

And, btw, is there detailed description on advantage system anywhere? Can’t find it either.

Most of the informations on FW changes are here: Patch Notes - Version 20.10 - Uprising | EVE Online

But also the Faction Warfare window in game has a lot of information.

Thanks, but it didn’t help. As for advantage system, I’m looking for a breakdown, like ‘what does which amount of what and what does it all cause’. And I’ve already looked through obvious places)

Thanks anyway.

For Attacking a system, any of your faction’s adjacent system’s adds 10%/system, plus 1% per “event” that occurs in the system (attacking/defending caches and depots). The Propaganda and listening structures do seem to be bugged at are not adding or taking away advantage from what I’ve seen.

For Defending a system, you get 10% for each adjacent CMD system, plus the same 1%/event as above.

You can see a small breakdown by hovering over each advantage bar in the FW window. The two values are subtracted from each other and an end result is given, which is multiplied to LP and VP rewards for the faction with the most advantage.

For example, Nennamaila in the Gallente/Caldari warzone has 30% Caldari Advantage at time of posting. 10+1 for Gallente for Aldranette and local events against the Caldari’s 40+1 from adjacent CMD systems (Immuri, Hikkoken, Enaluri, and Akidagi) and local events.

And that’s exactly why I’m looking for some official charts =)

My observation suggests that each rendezvous or deployed and defended structure moves the objective bar for a bit less than 1%, completed battlefield moves it for 5%, while at least depots are bugged, causing defending npcs to attack both structures and in some cases each other, ruining the bar for 3% when structure is destroyed.

And the worst of all, I still don’t get what exactly the certain level of advantage does. Obv guess is it modifies the contest percentage value of each bf and beacon, but it might do something else aswell.

Least but not last: amount of effort one has to put in getting encoders/decoders is just ridiculous, or you might just cherrypick the site which makes their spawn rate almost non-existent.

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