He could see blurred shapes of human traffic passing the dirty window of the town’s communal hall, he wondered if the window was ever actually clear or had it always been this way. A long mouthful of Thukker spirit was taken and he smiled to himself… good to be home, good to be home he smiled.

He is here Matar said the child… he is in the hall… The child was smiling excitement in her eyes, but this ended when the woman turned to her, her eyes blazing… “alone? Did he smile? the woman asked. The child looked to the ground and a tear fell from her chin… he looked happy… I remember he always looked happy. The woman touches her head and smiled, sadness in her eyes.

The woman nodded and bent down and kissed the child’s forehead… whispering in her ear “get the weapon”.

A large bearded man covered in tribal tattoos, greyed leather armour with a braided bearded and head shaven in the old Thukker tradition walked straight towards the drinker… he looked him up and down slow. The man with the drink looked up and smiled his head was shaven but grey stubble covered it and a grey beard covered his face, tightly shaven. They both stared at each, the air full of tension slowly other customers made their way out several exits worried looks in their eyes.

The woman strode down the street, ship parts and hot food stalls hobbled together into a meld of metal and steam the child walked behind head bow… tears flowed from her young eyes, but she never looked up. The streets were bustling with people a mixed of colour and heat… she was noticed as they made way heads bowed in silence. The the woman with the golden dagger walked through the crowds, brown eyes like wormholes sucking in their emotions… the child still never looked up.

The older man bowed his head…
“She is coming you know? Yes… You should have never come back?”

There was no smile ”I had to see my daughter”

“What about your other daughter, our brothers and sisters, mothers and Fathers where are they?”

“I haven’t found any trace of them”

“Then you shouldn’t have come back”

“I know, I will return once I see my daughter its been five years”

The bearded man grabbed the drinker and pulled him close. Their heads came together his eyes glistened, but no tears fell
They were connected, any observer would see they were the same man, father and son…

“I’m sorry they chose you” …. He released the younger man and walked out.

The man finished his drink and walked out to the street outside stood the woman and child, not a soul was left, streets now empty, but no eyes would view this… To the tribes this was private a family moment.

He looked at the woman, try not to smile he thought “she hates my smile… but he couldn’t help it she always made him smile…

The woman’s face never changed, expression frozen like an ancient chieftain, she tipped the girl on the head. The child looked up for the first time since leaving their home. Tears streamed she ran towards the man and they embraced “father” she whispered. They embraced for an eternity of seconds.

“I love you child… you are beautiful like your mother”

“Enough!” The woman shouted

The child caught the woman’s eye and she quickly hand her father a small metal object “This is for you, bring my sister home” and ran away towards her home,

“I can’t take it with me”

“I know” she whispered through tears as she ran away.

He stood up and looked at the symbol… Hi Tribe… Her Tribe… He could sense the woman getting closer, charging towards him, timed slowed… The golden dagger in her hand, the dagger he remembered, their dagger… He started to mouth words to her but she did not care he was already dead. The Tribal icon fell to the ground the words lingered in the air “I cannot take it with me…”

Darkness then Light, The white of the room stung his eyes, he was naked and in cold… he marched out into a corridor. A Matari woman stood in the white as if waiting, a sad but determined look in her face.

“The crew are ready and with you… they will burn” she smiled. He stopped suddenly, he was trembling…

“They will all burn“

((This music was playing when story came to me))

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