Tight knit corp looking for new guys to fly with

Veldspar Shadows is a PVP corp ran by a couple of old friends. We’ve got ourselves established and up and running, and we’re looking to add a few good dudes to join in our circle.

What we offer:

We are based in some of the shittiest true sec in Feythabolis krabbing is possible, and it can be profitable. Still, it ain’t fun even by krabbing standards. Instead, most of what we offer is small gang PvP with the alliance and daily PvP fleets with the coalition in our war with goons. Our alliance FCs are experienced and some of the most fun I have flown with in the decade I’ve played this wretched game. Coalition sov warfare can be hit or miss but is overall enjoyable.


  1. Don’t be a legit asshole joshing around is just fine, but the point is to have fun being a cynical asshole isn’t fun for anyone.
  2. There really aren’t any other rules, but I felt weird only having one. Eve is a game, and games are for fun; if it ain’t fun, what’s the point.
  3. Three bullet points of rules is a good number to have, so I’m adding another so uh no doing anything that breaks real-world laws.

Violation of any of these extremely strict and stringent rules will likely result in a kick depending on how severe it is. If that occurs, you’ll be given a few days to evac or firesale any stuff before being booted.

Alliance suggestions:

  1. Home defense is a priority if you sit in station spinning your ship; there is a good chance you’ll hear vague references to people sitting in the station not helping out, and they’ll make you feel bad.
  2. Teamspeak is a requirement you don’t have to speak(honestly preferable when there are large amounts of people), but being able to listen to the FC is a requirement for being on a PvP fleet. Coalition fleets use mumble instead of TS.
  3. The alliance requests that members join in at least 2 coalition fleets of your choice a week . These fleets range from the 2000 pilot region burning terror fleets to smaller social fleets that go out and find fights to die in. There are usually multiple types every day, especially on weekends, so there is rarely a lack of fun.

How to join:

The process of joining is extraordinarily arduous and challenging. It consists of first: sending an evemail to Reinhard Frederiksen ingame telling me that you are interested in joining. Second: You must auth yourself on https://webrokethegame.com/home and https://www.alreadyreplaced.com/dashboard/. The first site allows us to see your deepest darkest secrets. Everything from that time you lied about who broke a cup when you were 5 to when as a young adult, you accidentally forgot to pay for an item at the store because you had like 800 things, and it got buried. The second site is how you’ll access alliance services such as our forums and TeamSpeak and any relevant PvP information that the FCs add.

If you’re a cool dude looking for a cool corp in a cool alliance to chill with, I hope you consider Veldspar Shadows.

Recruitment still open

We are always looking for more guys to join!

Recruitment is open.

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