Veldspar Shadows USTZ nullsec PvP

Veldspar Shadows is a US timezone PVP corp ran by a couple of old friends. We are an established corp looking for a few good people to join in our group

What we offer:

We are based in in Innsmother, Most of what we offer is small gang PvP and regular mid size PvP fleets with the alliance. Our FCs are experienced and some of the most fun I have flown with in the decade I’ve played this spaceship game. We have access to fantastic null krabbing space for making iskies between fleets and other activities.

The goal of our group:

Vshad and AARP were built with the goal of being a down to earth organization were everyone knows each other. We provide fun for bittervets and wisdom for newbros.

Corporate Rules:

  1. Don’t be a asshole, joshing around is just fine, but the point is to have fun being a cynical or an otherwise offensive ass isn’t fun for anyone.

  2. Goes without saying, but, no spying, awoxing, or otherwise degrading or endangering other members.

  3. No drama, no politics.

Violation of the rules will result in a warning or if serious a kick. If that occurs, you’ll be given a few days to evac or firesale any items before being booted except in cases where others safety is concerned.

Alliance suggestions:

  1. Home defense is a priority if you sit in station spinning your ship; there is a good chance you’ll hear vague references to people sitting in the station not helping out, and they’ll make you feel bad.

  2. Teamspeak is a requirement you don’t have to speak, but being able to listen to the FC is a requirement for being on a PvP fleet. For the Deaf or hearing impaired players, you can request orders to be relayed in the fleet chat channel.

  3. Contribute to alliance objectives and join in on AARP stratops.

How to join:

Contact Reinhard Frederiksen ingame either by starting a convo or sending me an Evemail. From there I will ask basic questions, get a feel for your personality, and if I think you’ll fit for our group I’ll request a ESI check passing that check will result in you getting an invite to our corp.

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