Veldspar Shadows - Tight knit nullsec PvP

Veldspar Shadows is a US timezone PVP corp ran by a couple of old friends. We are established and we’re looking for a few good people to join in our group

The goal of our group:

Vshad and AARP were built with the goal of being a down to earth organization were everyone knows each other. We aren’t seeking to be the biggest and grandest group that has ever existed, but to have fun with friends in a internet spaceship game and to have a recognizable impact on that game. Eve is supposed to be fun stress relief not another job after all. Our organizations have so far been very successful in pursuing this goal.

What we offer:

We are based in in Feythabolis, Most of what we offer is small gang PvP with the alliance and daily PvP fleets. Our FCs are experienced and some of the most fun I have flown with in the decade I’ve played this wretched game. Coalition sov warfare can be hit or miss but is overall enjoyable with many dank kills to be had. There is also plenty of PvE content to be had during the off periods to make iskies.

Corporate Rules:

  1. Don’t be a legit asshole, joshing around is just fine, but the point is to have fun being a cynical or otherwise offensive asshole isn’t fun for anyone.
  2. Goes without saying, but, no spying, awoxing, or otherwise degrading or endangering the assets of other members.
  3. No mentions of politics or similarly contentious real world talking points. We are surrounded by reality, Eve is supposed to be an escape from it so don’t bring those things into our escape. Personal events/milestones/stories are exempted so long as they do not violate the spirit of the rule.

Violation of any of these extremely strict and stringent rules will likely result in a warning or a kick depending on how severe it is. If that occurs, you’ll be given a few days to evac or firesale any items before being booted except in cases where others safety is concerned such as with spies or awoxers.

Alliance suggestions:

  1. Home defense is a priority if you sit in station spinning your ship; there is a good chance you’ll hear vague references to people sitting in the station not helping out, and they’ll make you feel bad.
  2. Teamspeak is a requirement you don’t have to speak, but being able to listen to the FC is a requirement for being on a PvP fleet. Coalition fleets use mumble instead of TS3. For the Deaf or hearing impaired players, you can request orders to be relayed in the ingame chat channel.
  3. The alliance requests that members join in at least 2 coalition fleets of your choice a week . These fleets range from the 2000 pilot region burning terror fleets to smaller social fleets that go out and find fights to die in. There are usually multiple types every day, especially on weekends, so there is rarely a lack of content.

How to join:

Contact Reinhard Frederiksen ingame either by starting a convo or, preferably, sending me an Evemail. From there I will ask basic questions, get a feel for your personality, and if I think you’ll fit for our group I’ll request a ESI check passing that check will result in you getting an invite to our corp.

Vshad is still recruiting!

Vshad is still recruiting!

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