Tight knit group selectively recruiting. Inquire within!


Chicks on Speed is an old corp originally formed by real life friends in 2007. Since then, the core has remained largely intact while adding the occasional player that really fits in or is too stubborn to leave.

It’s time again to explore the idea that there may be other players that share our style and mentality.

We are USTZ, currently residing in nullsec as a part of Centipede Caliphate alliance. We enjoy Insta-camping, cloaky sling bubble camping and blops roaming among other activities. We rally around our CEO and push the meta with unexpected doctrines, non-conforming tactics and stubborn patience. We value conformity and discipline, special snowflakes usually don’t work out.

We recruit the player not the character. That being said I’ll list some attributes or qualities we may find agreeable:

  • Headset/Mic with PTT enabled. If we have to badger you to come chill in comms with us you’re probably not a good fit.

  • Ability to and/or experience with dual boxing characters.

  • Discipline & class. If you HAVE to smack talk in local at least be clever and witty about it. No sperglords. No you can’t bring insert ship here to our doctrine fleet. There’s a specific purpose for every ship in fleet and we need that conformity to succeed.

  • Everybody is interviewed via discord, I’ll require full ESI via our AUTH. We always retain the right to decide you’re not the right fit. If this happens we will part ways respectfully and help you with your assets if necessary.

  • We are mostly older 30+ and bitch about the new generation of gamers and games all the time so you’ll have to be okay with that. Sometimes we go on rants like your grandpa at a family get-together.

  • We tend to shy away from weekend F1 warriors or those people just waiting for “pings” to login. Being online and playing every aspect of EvE to some extent is healthy and creates content for us and others.

  • Patience! If you flake out 15 minutes into a gate camp because there’s no targets you won’t like our style.

  • We tend to do things as a corp often. Our CEO is a natural content creator and wants nothing more than people to play with. Whether it’s pvp, pve or just theorycrafting we tend to at least be on comms together to share the experience. We even tend to play other games together as a group and have formed our own little following.

If at this point you’re still interested please contact:

SegaPhoenix (SegaPhoenix#6803) (u/segaphoenix)
Tethrazor (Tethrazor#6730)


Great group of guys with a sense of humor. Very experienced pvp pilots that know what they’re doing. If you like to hone your skills with blops hunting, these guys can teach you the ropes.


Amazing group of dudes! Super knowledgeable and fun to play with!


I imagine there is a SP amount needed? or just able to fly specific ships?

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No specific SP needed. You can contribute with any amount of SP. I’m more concerned about whose behind the character.




Up we go


To the top!



Recruitment still open!

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