The faction warfare update has been pretty awesome and very successful. Once the faction warfare update is complete my suggestion for the next update is a major industry update. I have 2 major features I would like to see implemented into EVE.

  1. Automated Transports. How can we possibly be living in the space age Galaxy across multiple planets without some form of automated transport ?!?!?!

How about an automated transport skill that goes up to 5. One transport for each skill level.

There are 3 transport sizes you can buy, small, medium and large with pre-set shields, armor and transport size. They will not be customizable. You will not be able to change their name, they will have a set “Automated Transport” name so everyone clearly knows what they are.

There will need to be blueprints made for them to be built and they would be sold at markets per usual.

Once you have the skills trained up and you buy one of these you have a separate window that comes up with a waypoint and transport system. You can automatically tell these ships to go to any station or customs office for pickup of items and transportation.

Let’s say there is a limit of 10 waypoints per ship. You can tell the ship go to this station and pickup X number of ammo, however if there is more ammo then can fit in the ship, then the ship will simply automatically go back and forth between the pickup location and destination until all the ammo is delivered or the automated transport is destroyed.

Now the downside of using automated transports is that they are easy targets, they’ll function on autopilot. So it will be easy for gankers to hit these. I doubt they’ll ever be used in low sec or null sec but very popular in high sec. If a ganker hits one of these, CONCORD will show up to defend the ship and the ganker does lose security status. However, there is no Capsule pod since there is no pilot in these. I could easily imagine very high trafficked gateways with hundreds of automated ships going through Jita, then some ganker teams attack and you’ve got dozens of destroyed ships with loot everywhere.

It will give high-sec more of a realistic feel of being a highly populated space galaxy world. I would imagine in a high technology world like this, we would have much larger volumes of transport traffic then what we see now busily buzzing back and forth through the gates. It would also make it difficult for gankers to hit specific targets because of so much traffic. There would need to be a separate type for automated transports so they can be placed in a separate overview window otherwise they will take over the overview screen.

  1. PI Upgrades - Augmentations

There needs to be some major update to Planetary Industry. It’s such a great system but it’s lacking something to make it more valuable and usable. Other players can feel free to add in their own ideas for upgrades to the PI system but I’m thinking there should be some kind of research station skill / upgrade.

Research Station - Skill - 5 levels

Once you get this skill you can build a research station, you have actual people in that research station, so it’s like a small building on the planet. You feed the station whatever materials you have on the planet and it creates some kind of augmentation modules. Perhaps you send down modules such as sensors, ammo, weapons or anything and then you can get a minor small upgrade to them, similar to the mutaplasmid mutations. There would be a random chance you get an upgrade and every time they succeed in getting an upgrade it raises their skill level so they have higher chances of getting different upgrades. Once you get high enough skills you’ll always get a least a minimum upgrade.

Hopefully the EVE dev team continues to expand the world and they also get server upgrades. I realize this is a rare MMO where everyone is on ONE server, rather than multiple servers. What is the maximum number of players this ONE server can hold and how about upgrading that? Thanks for making a good game.

And to all the forum flamers out there.  Get a life and we all know you're a bunch of WAAAA babies, go someplace else if you're a flamer a**h****.

Sounds like you want eve to be a single player game.


I believe it’s spelled “WAAAAAGH”


It’s like people want to be developers for EVE online or something.

It’s easier to pitch these ideas to smaller studio developers but you’re talking with CCP games here OP… A multimillion-dollar organization with many developers.

Not going to sugar coat or let you down easy OP. CCP does what they want, and they accept very limited feedback from us. Only feedback they accept is on critical things like UI or bugs.

Good question. They never heard of UPS?

Very good idea.

I like it.

Yes. Hopefully they expand Industry and give some thought to us Industrialists-Miners.

Automated transport exists. It’s called Haulers Channel, Red Frog, PushX, GHSOL. Use them.


The idea of transports that carry goods too and from stations and trade hubs is something that CCP has the tech to do. Make them NPC haulers like we have already with the diamond rats as escorts. With escalation from the initial escort spawn to more and more based on the size and composition of whats attacking them. So you have to gank/attack the convoys traveling through on autopilot from destination to destination. Have them carry cargo that stations buy and sell or even rarely high value goods or even unknown things in specialized package wrapping thats immune to cargo scanners so itd be a gamble to attack.

Gate guns, faction NPCs and diamond rats would respond to aggressive or criminal types based on sec status of systems and standings of players.

They would spawn from an NPC station warp on autopilot and once in range of the gate everyone fleet jumps and spawn in destination system and warps off and then once at the final destination would autopilot the distance to the station to dock.

Much like the old hauler spawns of old but slightly more dynamic and with escorts.

These could be used by capsuleers to haul goods with but Id be worried that this would cause an issue for the emergent gameplay of hauler corps and alliances and the space trucker profession in general. Another downside is the endless supply of goods that are created out of thin air for the cargo to make them worthwhile to attack. The obvious bigger response fleets on grid would make a convoy movement too easy to spot as a worthwhile target so the reinforcements would have to be faster or better to “hide” things and to create a bit of an unknown feature. Another feature of it might be a variable drop rates so that there is some risk to attacking even known high value targets.

Overall the idea would be to use it as a precursor to ganking or attacking convoys in space. Though gameplay has gone away from this style of running high value convoys to and from a destination with an escort from what it used to be in null sec it might be something interesting to revive.

EVE is a player driven game with a player driven economy. We don’t need (more) botting, not even officially.


You know, pretty much everything in this game could be automated. Ratting, mining, market, industry… even combat.

The reason it isn’t all automated is because automation would turn this game into a pretty screensaver, instead of a game.

If hauling were to be automated, the gameplay of hauling is gone. If mining were to be automated, what should the people who enjoy mining do? If industry and trade were automated, the gameplay of looking for inputs, prices and market opportunities would be gone. Even combat, missions, exploration, it could all be automated.

Automation is possible, but it would remove the reason we play this game.

Some players enjoy transportation. If you want your goods to be ‘automatically transported’, send them a courier contract.


As someone who has both extensively used and hauled 100 contracts in Red Frog Freight, I’m asking - why would want to destroy a whole play style that many people enjoy?

Learn about these and similar organizations in game, then make a suggestion:

Besides, dumb NPC’s on autopilot full of cargo - these are called “piñatas” with Concord or without it.


You realize they do have NPC hauler spawns in many forms already right? This isnt a call to bot at all not even in the slightest. Reread what I wrote.

If you’re incapable of realising that there is a distinct difference between some NPC’s added for “background” and interaction, and a player’s desire for NPC’s to move stuff on their behalf then I don’t know what to tell you.

Well I do, but… forum rules.


Ok sure let’s have capsuleers hire NPC haulers and if they dont die they have a <50% chance to deliver anything when they dock in the destination station. And if they do roll a success, the actual delivery will be 10% of the original delivery amount.

That is precisely the mechanics of the mineral hauling statistics of the NPC mining fleet haulers you mention.

That might not be what you want but if you’re going to be this pedantic to others critiquing your idea, it’s what you should expect in kind.

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The whole idea of Eve is that you undock and play the game and take the risks. It is a multiplayer game, not a multibot game.


My God how silly.

So you just sit in dock and watch Netflix and face zero killboard risk while your new game that you have effectively turned into Eve Screensaver runs NPCs to take care of anyone who can actually be bothered to undock and try to loot the cargo. Or will we then have a mod to automate gankers too ? We can all just party in the stations while NPCs do absolutely everything. No need to even skill any more…as there’ll be no reason to ever undock again.

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I hope that they will make PvP NPC bots too that will kill players so that I don’t have to.

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And just get rid of an entire profession that people in this game actually enjoy? I doubt this will gain any traction.

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They did that already, but it’s easily circumvented by getting standings above 0 to the Trigs. :frowning:


I DO miss trigs murdering ppl in HS. CCP chickened out, again.


As someone who makes money hauling things from one trade hub to another, I have a PI Upgrades suggestion. Lets make it so PI products just spawn in NPC stations for sale. Since they are done robotically they would be priced at the lowest possible price (or maybe free). How could we be living in the space age and not have robotic systems to do this stuff automatically!!!

(Sarcastic offended trader voice off, I am going to go back and clean my mastodon).

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