Time zone vs EVE market reflexes?

Does your time zone matter?

When CCP announces a new change that sends the market into a frenzy, does your time zone make a difference for buying up commodities?

I’ve been lucky that most of the panic/greed driven buy/sell orders work for me. I like buying expensive ships and either holding on to them for a short time/resell or flying them to a better market. Pocket change, I know but still a break from the norm for me a little fun.

But if I wanted to do this on a larger scale, would my TZ actually make a difference? I’m stuck at work when these announcements come out and frankly, it’s not so important that I try to follow it anyway. But to others, it probably is. My point being “I” can’t react as fast as others.

So I ask, who gets to come home from whatever and pour some brandy into a snifter and go “Ok, What should I buy up now?”

I only ask because I finally lost the bet and have a Sin I don’t want or need now! Market bets are far more fun than a HNR bets…

Food for thought anyone?

Time zones matter.

For pretty much any activity.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

That’s no answer to the question.

I’m asking for specific to the market. Busting me arse with no good feedback again?

Next is going to be Xeus!

Well, if you’re speculating solely off of official and detailed changes, then yes, TZ matters. However, you can also anticipate changes by listening to things devs say on talk shows and dev blogs. For example, CCP said that they were going to find more use for PI and wormhole materials, and that marauders were going to get a buff, well before they officially announced the actual changes. Of course, devs have said that were going to do things that never materialized, but that’s the risk with speculation. I’ve made good money from some bets, but I also have containers full of stuff that never got changed.

Oh, and you can also speculate on the effects of a particular change. For example, when CCP first announced invasions, I theory crafted fits and figured that there would be a lot of people that would be wanting thermal and explosive hardeners. So, I bought up a crap ton of hardeners. Made money off of a lot of them, but the big one for me was the Pith-C thermal shield hardener. For like 4 or 5 days, I was the only person selling them out of Jita. Made a few iskies off of that one.
No P2W

i never sleep so my timezone its all timezones

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That’s where I fit. I see it as day trading.

That’s where I lose out. I have a hard time watching talking heads.

If your heavy into the market, then that makes sense. I hear a lot that the market makes you the most isk. Just not for me for the most part.

Thanks for the feedback. It confirmers what I thought.

The only talking heads I can stand!
Talking Heads - Burning Down the House (Official Video) - YouTube
Still, I wouldn’t mind burning down the house if I got in at the right moment!

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