Tips Regarding Implant Manufacturing

I’m primarily a miner at moment, still a newbie. I’m currently analysing my option for a future career and I’d like to know more about what it takes - in terms of skills, materials and isk investment - to be a dedicated implant manufacturer.
Anyone has any tips to give?
EDIT: if implants are manufactured at all, because I didn’t found BP for a lot of them in the market, that is.

The only implants that are currently manufactured are Ascendencies. Blueprint copies drop from ghost sites, as do one of the required materials. The other materials are all PI.

Unfortunately, at this stage if you want to “manufacture” implants you’re looking at running missions for LP. That’s where the vast majority of them come from.

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You might want to consider rigs as your first step into manufacturing - they are basically implants for ships. Small T1 rigs for frigates and destroyers are quick and easy to build. The blueprints are inexpensive, seeded throughout highsec and quickly researched.

Some are quite profitable:


Personally I’d prefer all implants to come initially as BPC’s from loot drop or LP stores, and then manufactured into implants after. A boost for the market, for PI and for manufacturers too.