TITAN: Avatar gun/turret localization wrong position

Titan Class: Avatar

Issue: Two (2) turret localization on the Avatar are placed in the wrong orientation. It is below the Avatar’s Model - one behind the lower hangar and the other behind the rear hangar.

Not sure if this will help, but a Former CSM member discussed this on the Eve-Reddit subforum:

To take a look for yourself, use the Tactical Camera in-game while flying a Turret/gun-fitted Avatar. Position the camera inside the model like in the attached image: Avatar_Mesh_Inside1 , Avatar_Mesh_Inside2

Take a look at the turrets there and you will notice the gun/turrets are oriented in the wrong position—two of them.

I tried submitting a BUG Report but the system is not taking my uploads even when it meets requirements.

I hope this gets to the Dev’s attention for a quick fix.

if having trouble submitting a bug report in game, can submit offline via https://community.eveonline.com/support/bug-reports/

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Thank you! Files uploaded and report sent!

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