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Edit: As stefnia Freir has pointed out, my math is wrong. The real DPS compared to base is (100+50×5)/100 × 100/(100-15×5) = ×14 while I thought it was 6.125.
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Just watched CCP’s video on Avatar, Amarr titan.
I got a little curious about their superiority and the tank. Looking at the game design missiles is the key to destroying the biggest stuff, at least until capitals while turrets are great at smaller stuff. So I thought Missile titans should be able to crack the Avatars tank but for what ever reason they are heavily impaired allowing for Avatars’ domination.

  • 50% bonus missile damage per level;
  • 15% bonus rate of fire per level.
    Lvl5 DPS compared to base amounts to: (1 + 0.5 * 5) * (1 + 0.15 * 5) = 6.125


  • 180% bonus damage per level.
    Lvl5 DPS compared to base amounts to: 1 + 1.8 * 5 = 10

I understand Torpedos not getting full bonus, but why XL do not makes no sense. All other sized ships get relatively similar DPS bonus compared between different weapons.
If we take into account faction Titans, the differences are even higher.

your math is wrong.
RoF is a bad term, used by CCP because reasons. It actually means “salvo delay”.
so a “75% bonus to RoF” actually means “75% reduction to salvo delay”, therefore “300% bonus to RoF”

The bonus for missile is therefore (100+50×5)/100 × 100/(100-15×5) = ×14

Oh, it works that way. Thanks for pointing this out

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