Redo Caldari Leviathan Weapons?

So , through my years of EVE I think and asked why doesnt the caldari Titan get a re-balance?

instead of it firing cruise missiles and a cruise missile DD, it should be Firing railguns and a Rail gun DD, my reasons are :

  1. missiles doesnt apply direct dps due to travel time etc
  2. guns deliver direct dps
  3. at the moment the leviathan is mostly used as a bridger and gets out shined by other titans which is a shame
    as it cant deliver dps on the same level as other Titans does.

please CCP make the leviathan part of the cool kids gunner club

Wrong forum.

And make it just like all the other titans? Besides, I saw a lot of Leviathan use yesterday. Also a lot of Phoenix use. I do not think that missiles are a problem for the Leviathan’s viability.

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but only out of circumstances, most alliances these days prefer , Avatar,Rags, Erebus cause of the direct damage that they can deliver

Once upon a time, when I was newbie, I thought that’s my aim, skilling for a Leviathan. Now, after more than a year, I’m not sure about that anymore…

Once upon a time, I also wanted to own an Avatar and an Aeon. Then I learned how unenjoyable and annoying these ships are and for years now I skill anything but things for super capitals. :slight_smile: See the light, stay away from the most detrimental of all ships.

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