TNND 闪电雇佣军 Polaris Mercenary Alliance

TNND is currently recruiting and is looking for enthusiastic PVPers and FCs. (*Mandarin speaking only)
TNND 目前开放招收宇宙PVP能手和FC。

We do not have PAP or CTA requirements and do not restrict how you want to play the game or require you to have certain skills to join us. We are into small gang warfare but are open to capital escalations at times. Our corp members are matured and have mutual respect for one another. If you have a bad temper, like to curse and swear. We are not suitable for you. We enjoy sharing PVP tactics, strategies and different ways to fit our ships. We provide a relaxing and enjoyable environment to enjoy PVP and game content.

We require our corp members to be mature and able to respect other players. Have a passion for PVP and join in our corp activities. We do not have SRP so please take care of your own losses. You can have an alt for your PVE activities. We do not recruit fresh new players, you will need to have an understanding of how PVP works and the risk/fun that PVP brings. You will also need to be self sustainable with your income.

We use WeChat to chit chat while we are not playing the game and we use Mumble for voice communication.

If you think we are suitable, please join us and enjoy the game with us!
Kindly contact “The Ironfist” or “War Wang” in game or at my QQ(3184522677) WeChat(Gary-Thk).
如果你感觉我们合适,欢迎前来参加和我们一起欢乐游戏!请联系我 The Ironfist 或者老王 War Wang。

Our Killboard:

Some of our videos:

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