[TNT] Remember the Fallen [RTF.] is Recruiting!


All you pilots out there who are actively looking for a home with a focus on PVP.

Do you have over 15m skill points?

RTF. is the home for you!

We are a member of TNT (Tactical Narcotics Team), part of the Imperium. We have premium PVP as well as PVE opportunities available to you, from daily fleets into enemy territory to safe ™ areas to make your ISK via Ratting and/or Mining.

PVP is expected within RTF. and participation will be monitored. For more information, please join “RTF. Public” (without the quotation marks) in game and poke Heidi Mae or Solarian Shift if you have any further questions.

Fly reckless o/

All applicants must be willing to do the following:

  • Have a working microphone and access to TS/Mumble

  • Have a full ESI ready for the recruiter.

  • Listen to and follow direct and instruction.

Questions? Please join “RTF. Public” (without the quotation marks) in game or respond via DM or comments.


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