To all foreigners wanting to understand the Minmatar, happy Liberation Day

According to your compatriots, the Scriptures say it’s very much not.


Keep thinking about that and renouncing the Empire becomes so much easier. You’ll feel better when you do it, trust me.

The more you think about what the Empire has done both recently and historically, the more obvious it becomes that the Empire is in the wrong in oh-so-many more ways than you could have imagined.


Turns out giving a man freedom helps him understand it, apparently. Maybe not quite as fast as taking it from him, but it’s something. Shame it’s only taken 2000 years for a handful of capsuleers to start seeing it. Look at Floseswin, the Empire’s growing closer to the devil than to god.

Quit pussyfooting around, would be my advice to you…

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I give my deepest salutes to the Matari and the tribes.
Minamatar are strong, proud people, even under the Amarrian oppression, they never gave up on their struggle.
I am of Amarrian heritage myself, a holder no less, but I know the evils of the empire and the sins they committed to your people.
That is why I shall fight for your cause til the day I die.

In the language of my own people, Minmatar Victor.

Octavech Raholan
Former Holder turned Freedom Fighter.
Proud Apostate and a Traitor.

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I eagerly await hearing which tribe was best-represented during festivities.

The Thukker Tribe was. The greatest number of capsuleers backed them and so they will have the honor of holding the station for its first year.

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I expect the availability of ale, whiskey and bad Permaband covers in Pator to increase significantly in the close future.


We are what the Empire made us. We will be what we make ourselves. Now that we are free, we can’t fob off responsibility for what we become onto others. We are a people of war, but let’s face it - who hasn’t been, at some point in their history?

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Well alright! Seems that extra work paid off and I managed to distinguish myself as one the top 100 pilots supporting the Thukker Tribe! And Team Thukker won ontop of it all! I’m happy to have played a role in this victory among the hundreds of other pilots supporting the Thukker tribe. This has been a very, very positive experience for me and I look forward to personally visiting that new station once it opens up with Thukker colors painted over it.


Well done, Bunny Buns, 'salways a pleasure to have a seasoned professional space hound like y’good self on the side of those who know the truth of the old saying, “Thukker Best”!

Now don’t go paying any mind to any sour grapes from certain quarters. Some people get a bit sniffy and snippy when us Thukker and our pals are on the up. Just take a swig of that fine old Thukker ale, set a course and count your good fortune.



Seykal Clan


Yeah now the Sebiestors can only call themselves the second best tribe for the rest of this year. The honor is now for your people to claim until the next liberation games.

I did have me some Thukker Ale to “Get me immersed” in the mindset. And now I’m just having some to celebrate the occasion.

I gotta admit this is some strong stuff… Don’t recall there being much in Venal. Know the folks up there, this stuff could be a hot seller if it was more readily available at a more affordable price.

You got the hook-up on anybody that can sell me ale directly in bulk? My money is good just like the Ale and no doubt it will sell with the amount of liquor the Guristas consume.


Congratulations to the Thukker Tribe and all their supporters, and congrats to @Avio_Yaken on being in the top 100. Hard work pays off.


Take a compliment when you get one. Ale, whiskey and Permaband covers is not a bad thing :wink:


Personal Tasting Notes:Traditional Thukker Gamealfur Ale

Its signature Amber-Gold Hue is highly noticable, and it is apparently quite strong.
The initial bitterness leading to fruity aftertaste of Pod Melon, Mango and Grassy Hops are very appreciated.
Despite its potency in its alcoholic content, each quafe lead to successive levels of satisfying sense of refreshment.
The hangover-symptoms are definitely worth it.
The Matari, and the Thukker cuisine surprise my humble tongue once more.
Best paired with Hearty Roasted Meat in either Thukker-styled or Brutor Khari-Oven and spices.

Addendum: Do I see a potential cocktail-opportunity with a bit of Quafe and Guristas “POS Fuel” Liquor?

This summarizes my overall experience on the ale itself.

Octavech Raholan
Former Holder turned Freedom Fighter.
Proud Apostate and a Traitor.
Renouncer of the Amarrian despots.

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