To stop the overview from jumping around

Could have sworn there was some CONFIGURABLE key you could press to stop the overview from jumping around. Yet I’ve spent an hour and I can’t find it (maybe I’m blind). I’ve looked under overview settings, and also hit the escape key and looked under most things there.

I don’t want the key that YOU press - afaik it is configurable (or at least used to be). I want to know where I can set this key, so that I can both see what mine is set to, and adjust it.

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jumping around?

Guessing the listings in the overview is meant.

I thought it sorted by whatever column is clicked.

Holding ctrl will freeze the overview. Changes (disappearing targets, etc) will grey out but vanish only when you release ctrl.

Edit: by default it’s ctrl. I think it’s linked to the targeting hotkey. So if you cannot find it in the keybinds, try the targeting hotkey.


o.o holy ■■■■ for years i thought this was just lag my ptt is just ctrl


Is the correct answer.
Mousing over the overview and pressing Ctrl (default) locks the positions of everything currently there, releasing it unlocks it.

While it’s locked anything new will show at the bottom i.e. furthest from you ongrid object position.

Seriously lads, y’all need to re read the gospel of feyd


Just wanted to add that when the Overview is locked with ctrl pressed and your mouse hovering over it, left clicking the mouse on one or more of the listed items that are within range will automatically activate target lock.


Indeed, this is the intention,
makes catching people a lot easier if you can get ahead of them with enough time to decloak

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Also to very quickly target lock multiple NPC’s due to their listing in the Overview constantly moving around.


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