Multitarget lock that respects overview or bracket settings

Currently, when you drag a box to lock a group of targets, you can also lock a bunch of junk you didn’t want. Like NPC structures, etc. How about fixing it so that when you drag that large box, it respects either your brackets or overview. It seems like this could be done. Perhaps a module that unlocks any target not shown in your overview?

It sure would be handy.


I don’t think I have ever done this locking method even by accident.

But yeah, locking a bunch of junk I obviously don’t want is going to be a problem.

Respecting currently selected overview tab settings is a great idea.

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This seems like a useful UI change that can’t really be abused. Great idea.


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Every once in a while someone comes up with a great change.


I like it, support.

(Preferably I can make it follow my overview settings, I usually play with all brackets visible.:yum:)

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This would be great for logistics pilots.

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