Targeting Selection Box Filtering

Okay, from what I hear – not many people use the target box selection method. True many people don’t even know about it, but I am talking about those that do know. I have a suggestion that might make it more attractive to people - as well as very much more useful.

“Make it so u can option to select ONLY those items listed on your current overview tab”

This would fix the major issue - that it selects all the ‘other’ things in the box u don’t want. And it would not require you to take extra time moving your camera angle and zoom level to have just the wanted targets in it.

With all the extra columns available now a player can set up custom overview presets and have them active in tab for various requirements. Being able to select that tab and quickly draw a target selection box would work in the following situations (and more).

  1. Logi (preset just shows your own fleets ships, or only those types you want to heal).
  2. Mining (preset set only to the asteroids u want to mine)
  3. Rats only (will target just rats and not all the collidables)

In addition if you can set a sort option for the selection box that could prioritize based on the overview columns current sort (IE., top to bottom, bottom to top, etc) this too would help.

Also in the case of Logi or mining ships, having the ability to create a preset by drag and drop would be an extra bonus. I mean being able to drag a players name into a filter. then that preset would only show ships (and/or drones) belonging to that player. You could limit the drag-ability to only apply to fleet members and NPCs - so as to avoid enemy FCs from being too easy to spot, lol. Being able to load the preset to the current brackets would be awesome so u can easily keep track of the targets in space as well. plus maybe the ability to toggle the bracket filter of a specific tab/preset overriding other tabs bracket settings. OR an option to do the same but instead of overriding it just highlights the brackets in a different color. (IE. select the tab for fleet members, toggle bracket lock on, switch to the mining tab. Now all your fleet members are in green brackets while all else is in white. then toggle bracket off without having to select the old tab.)

Basically if u can create a preset for it - the box will only activate on those target types. This should be a client side process and should not impact server side or internet usage.

In addition having the option to limit the number of targets a selection box will actually lock. that way if u always want to have a free lock available for manually targeting something. you can do that. This setting can be designated for each ship (since each has different requirements) OR it could just be a setting that determines how many free target slots u require and it would then apply to all ships. like -1, -2, etc (1 or 2 free slots not used by box)

Guys I see many people viewing this (and other people posts too) If you like the ideas u read, please leave a comment to that effect? CCP is more likely to pay attention. Thanks — On the other hand if u dont like it please spare my fragile ego and move on.

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