Multiboxxing Ideas

So I just started playing this game and loving mining and ratting and salvaging but i noticed there are a few things that are not very multibox friendly. I was hoping to toss some perspective out into space and see if we can brainstorm some ideas that the wonderful developers might be interested in integrating.
I am still learning about this game so if you see something that is already possible I would greatly appreciate if you point it out!!

UI: I use EVE-O Preview for switching between my 5 characters and EANM to copy my main profile across all of my other accounts so everything is laid out exactly the same.

Fleet: I make a fleet out of all my characters and add everyone to everyone’s watchlists so i can easily right click and warp to etc

Mailing Lists: I have all of my characters in the Haulers Mailing list so I can keep a eye out for jobs that I might be able to do

People and Places: I have all of my characters in the same Corp and use a shared folder so I dont have to recreate markers for every account

My ideas:
It would be great to save a UI preset that we can apply. The uses could be having a UI preset for mining or PVP or anything you would like. Just open the menu and select which UI layout preset you want and it will move/resize windows where you want them automatically.
I would love to be able to either automatically accept fleet invites from people on my buddy list or not have my fleet removed when all characters log off. This would save a ton of time and make ease of use go straight up.
It would be great to be able to have a mailing list that i can link to all the other mailing lists i want to receive mail from that I can then subscribe to. Kind of like a concentrator. Everything from every mailing list goes to that mailing list which then only requires me to sign up to a single mailing list on each character.
It would be great to used shared folders outside of Corps for example if i want to save a location that I don’t want shared with everyone in the Corp I have to make it for each character but a shared folder where I can choose who to invite to it would be amazing.

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Another idea would be to allow fleet commander to issue jump, dock, target commands.

Most people aren’t going to care too much about the concerns of multiboxers. However, if it’s something they can also use, they might like it.

Anyway, a UI preset would be nice, and should be appreciated by anyone who has different setups for different activities.

And I have good news for you. Access lists can already let you share bookmark folders with people outside your corp.

Oh, and something I want is a hotkey for assigning drones. It could work by automatically assigning to the top person in your watchlist, or the squadleader, or something. Anyway, this was something that I wanted even before I started multiboxing. But, haven’t pushed for it because I figured most players wouldn’t give a crap.

I see what you mean about nonmultiboxxers lol. Assigning drones like you suggested WOULD BE INCREDIBLE!

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