Dynamic Overview Customization


After returning to the game for a few weeks, I feel like the overview customization is quite lacking after diving into the custom settings.

My main issue is regarding the visual feedback for hostiles targetting, attacking, and applying ECM to you.

The yellow box is fine with the dark background, but the red box and ECM icons are pretty hard to see, at least for me.

Thus my suggestion:

Allow for players to create dynamic states for stuff in your overview


-player/NPC targetting you (set to yellow background)
-player/NPC attacking you (set to red background)
-player/NPC using ECM (set to orange background)

Besides these simpler ones, there could be advanced visual feedback as well:

-specific changes according to which ECM being applied (warp disrupt, jamming, webs, etc)

-specific changes if a ship is in shield/armor/hull HP state (this one could be great for fleet logi, able to repair someone by getting instant visual feedback on which ships need reps and which are fine)

The first ones should be easy to implement, while the second ones I’m not too sure, but something worth investing some resources imo.

If there’s already any allowed resource that has these features, by all means, please point me to it.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: added quotes to make text blob easier to read

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Instead of using quotes (which is inappropriate), put a space between the hyphen and the text to create a list

So instead of this:
-item 1
-item 2
-item 3

You have this:

  • item 1
  • item 2
  • item 3
    • you can also nest by putting three spaces before the hyphen for each nesting level

It turns out that

  1. this also
  2. works for
  3. numbered lists

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