Conditional overview coloring

I can’t tell that topic is of much importance for the game, however I see absense of custom (not one presetted-icons-related, i.e. “with less then 0 security rating” or “enemy of your enemy of your enemy” etc) conditional overview coloring is great flaw and, in fact, noone for a whole decade had never raised that question.

I still not sure would something similar be (or already) implemented at Photon UI, as I didn’t use it ever, but I see a lack of this at old one Overview clearly disturbing.

What I mean here is coloring of lines of Overview window based on each line-fields-content-related conditions, like “If [Name] Equals [Type] Then color it[line]… Green” etc.

From my point of view that could provide users indefinitely customize overview windows (and not only make typical colorful html-tagging i.e. described here: Overview manipulation - EVE University Wiki that makes it really colorful and probably even useful for someone but not at all the same way and high level as conditional one), especially taking in view it’s options (including how that window looks like) is saved locally and do not any way load additionally the game server itself.

What is your [community’s? CSMs’?] opinion about implementation of it to the game?

What did I miss?

So this feature would let me - for example - make Command Destroyers show up in a different color than regular ships?

I see a use-case for that.

And I did do that with a work-around in tournaments before: I gave pilots who flew very dangerous ships to me a bad standing, so they would show up differently on my overview. But outside of a tournament setting, that will hardly work.
So yes, that would be nice. Maybe put that in the #feedback:photon-ui section as well.

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In fact I was thinking to use it outside of tournaments for i.e. [quite peaceful] fast searching for ships without pilot without breaking my eyes constantly reading overview lines, but your vision tells that’s not only application of what I propose, and even ‘touches’ some hardcore which, from words of CSM everyone like here very much.

How? Duplicating a topic? Creating a link to already created current one? Any other way?

I’d just make an as brief as possible description of your idea + the link to this thread in the sticky feedback thread for Photon UI.

Edit: I know of people in null-fleet setting up their overview tabs for e.g. Command Destroyers, to be able to quickly lock and scram them before they can boosh half the fleet off.
Your idea would somewhat address it in a similar way.

I have no idea what you’re asking for.

Currently, you can color the background of the entries in your overview based on standings, or corp/alliance/fleet level:

As I understand it, OP is asking to expand on that and enable more custom filters like this:

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Ah, okay. I’ll add it to my list.

Thanks for the translation.

Would it not be easier to have a ship/structure type list that you can sort yourself in a prio list and then have hue’s and shades of the colour you select brighter being higher prio?

So if you see an enemy fleet that you set to -10 and -10 set to red then they will be red and the command desi’s pink, interceptor’s darker pink, logi slightly darker pink.

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Thank you.

Yep, my idea will clearly help in such situation, only thing is adding to conditions not only comparison of received from server data (i.e. [Type] vs [Name]), but custom data (i.e. some random words) too, i.e.:

If [Type] contains “Destroyer” and attitude <5 or security <0 then color line to “Red” and make it blinking with period of 4 times per sec.

You read my thoughts )

Thank you, just don’t forget one more (not my) idea told here:

about probably implementing it to new Photon UI also.

It already have place in a game, however it mostly looks like Lego, when you have certain unchanging blocks, that you can only use - that limits your activity you can not go beyond. Example described here:

which means players must “invent a bicycle” [from static Lego blocks] to create really useful filtering quite a weird way.

My idea, if to be implemented, will make [Overview] filtering/coloring options [including as main early warning in/before-battle tool] much easier and with infinite ways of it’s custom development for everyone.

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