CCP - Create a shortcut to change selected targets (TAB)

  • Create a shortcut key to change selected locked target.
    Default can be TAB


PS: While youre at it, also:

  • create shortcut to scroll through overview targets
  • create shortcut to lock selected overview targets
  • create shortcut to open cargo from selected overview targets
  • create shortcut to change overview tab


PS: Also obviously make sure align, approach, jump, etc type of shortcuts work after using the new shortcut to select overview target.

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Your first request already exists.

Under Navigation:

Select next target: Alt-Right

Select previous target: Alt-Left

Remap them to whatever you like.

I want to choose TAB
TAB is already assigned to general/tab between edit fields
And its locked I cant use TAB

I want to use TAB to change targets.

I WANT never gets…Its a harsh world

Then go play a wow clone.

True statement. So it’s reserved and changing it breaks a lot of other things. You have other options.

If the industry standard that players are used to is “Tab” targeting, implementing a default tab targeting system, if ccp can do it, would be more intuitive for newer players, and possibly create a better experience, for those pve and possibly even pvping, it could improve retention, it might be a good change.
It would need play testing, experimentation backed by ccp awesome data, and the results would speak for themselves.

  • create shortcut to change shortcuts
  • create shortcut to shortcut to change shortcuts
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And also provide Shortcake…


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