Tobii eye tracking support

Dear Dev team,
Would it be possible to consider adding support for Tobii eye tracking ?

Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen both have support for it, so I don’t think that Tobii is or would provide an unfair advantage to users that use it. And for people with handicaps, it would help a LOT!

Thanks in advance



Odds for attention to posts here are low, but yours would be increased quite a lot if you added details.

In fact, that is part of the deal with this idea thread. Threads that just say “gimme” are not legitimate here.

For people without handicaps that would be aided by eye tracking support, would there be some sort of general improvement for EVE gameplay?

My only experience with eye tracking is through VR headsets. What other hardware could be used for this?

And how that’s related to EVE?

Your only argument is that other games that aren’t similar to EVE in terms of gameplay already have it.

Maybe explain what function you would intend this eye tracking to control in Eve???

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