Too expensive Harvest set

At the moment Harvest set is not reasonably expensive! Add it to the following events.
The set is useful but costs too much (

How about you farm the LP for the set and bring more on the market at prices that you deem reasonable? The missions are easily accessible. You don’t need CCP clutches to drive prices down. It’s entirely in your own hands to achieve that. Stop being lazy.

CCP do not control the price of these items.

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CCP monitors the ability to receive them. I only propose to increase the number of these iplants in the game

So you want CCP to take billions of isk away from ORE LP farmers by flooding the market with your particular favourite implant set?

Do you think you could ask them to change the material requirements on Naglfars to be just one unit of tritanium, too?


No poors! :face_with_monocle: :moneybag:

Go farm LP and buy it from the LP store. Don’t cry to CCP every time when something gets too expensive.

Just move closer to the rocks?
The Harvest set is pretty mediocre all around.

I’m poor.

Should I complain to CCP about every low sec pvp loss I have and get reimbursed. Even if it’s something stupid I decided to do?

According to the safe-space entitled carebear crew, that answer is yes. I shouldn’t have to work and earn what I want. It should be instantly granted to me, simply because I exist. And I shouldn’t have to suffer the natural consequences of my actions.

Thanks OP!

I too, shall start whining to CCP!

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