Faction Relic/Data Modules

Could really use a modification on these to require less to build them in the terms of resources, current market value is at over 180m for the better one, which seems insanely high compared to any exploration ship you’re going to fit it to.

CCP, Might be a good time to do what you did with the small ancillary armor reps, to these bad boys, and bring that market value down to something far more reasonable.

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just because you’re having trouble with something does not obligate CCP to change a game mechanic


I’m not having any difficulties, however I am capable of being not only objective, and reasonable. But fair and honest. Adjustments are sometimes made on a daily basis and the markets are no doubt under constant scrutiny to make sure it’s how they (CCP) intends in on being.

When they’ve found the SAR to be in a state of high cost, low supply and they wanted more people to have access to it, they increased the drop rates on the BPC in order to allow what they wanted as a price point to be more reasonable.

In a game where the universe is constantly evolving and growing, everything has to and should be evaluated to make sure it’s in the best interest of a subset of players and the community as a whole.

It does not hurt for the community, on the community forums to shed light on what a certain community member, or perhaps multiple community members think could be looked into, the entire purpose of the CSM is to do just that, but at a face to face perspective where much more fluid debating and analyzing can take place and feedback is much quicker.

You’re right on one thing, just because I feel like, something could be better does not mean someone else has to make it better to fulfill my own needs, however in the same notion in a community driven game we do not need people coming into threads making assumptions about people and what was an otherwise ordinary and honest request, turn it into something it’s not.

I’m going to be flagging your comment as inappropriate as it simply doesn’t fit this particular thread, and doesn’t help the discussion evolve in any manner.

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Funny thing: the integrated analyzers will most likely increase in prize due to the new implant.

already the case


(see price history)

@OP : if they are too expensive for you, then don’t use them.

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A-Typical responses with no forethought.

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I guarantee you didn’t read my rebuttal, if you did then re-read it again.

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OP is right. Those are require 100 of adequate materials from data sites (3x100) while sites are droping 3 to 4 of them in one go. So at least ~100 sites to do one module.

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The main source for those materials is supposed to be salvaging, not exploration sites.

It’s all part of the equation, when prices go up people will find ways to create more input materials and price will go down again, no need to change the rules.

High-tech materials (scanner, tools and data chips) not salvaging materials. Open industry window for Zeugma and you’ll see. Those are droped from data sites and module require 100 of each while sites are dropping maybe 3 per site. There were lot’s of them on the market but source is dropping because a) data sites are neglected in favour of relic sites b) not enough of them dropping to be worth doing them anyway even to make modules by explorers themselfs.

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And to think CCP has already dropped the building requirements once already.

you know why a) ? because the value of data sites is so low. Why so low ? because nobody buys them. Which IS an issue. so, making them required for OP item (zeugma/ligature) makes data sites more interesting.

You don’t get the point. Zeugma require materials in bulk sizes (100 per item), sites are droping few per run (I saw 4 total as max number). High tech manufacuring tool are closing to 1 mil. So? It doesn’t matter because I need 100 of them to even start to think about manufacturing the module. And 1 mil per item from a can is not worth touching while I can make 60-100 from single relic can. If those will start to rise module will be insanely overpriced. Supply is too low to match demand.

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All you are describing seems to be totally acceptable for me. If supply is too low to match demand, then the prices will go up.

What is your point ?

That supply is way too low and item will ifinitely rise in price. CCP already cut materials for that module from 1000 to 500 and then to 100 (of something like that I don’t remember), while sites were droping single items and it would be very hard to make that module if someone didn’t have stashes of that materials. BTW market was flooded by that 3 items so CCP wanted to clear it and make the sites worth it. Still won’t happen because of how many is needed to build the module.

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I Assure you that if price of items go to 1B instead of 1M each, people will start doing data sites more often.

Funny because people didn’t start doing more data sites when Small Ancillary Armor repairers were selling for 10m each, getting BPC of 25 or 50 runs for an explorer made their night possible week. Then CCP decided to have the data sites drop them like candy because they felt the price was too high. What I requested for them to investigate is the price and build materials on these analyzers.

I’d also like to make an incredibly odd suggestion, how about Dead Space Data/Relic analyzers? I’d make them +5 Virus Strength and + 5 virus coherence above their tech 2 counter part, and found in pirate faction data sites. They would all have to have slight differences to make the market make sense, if they were all the same it would just mean you have a low price on one and a high price on the other due to not being farmed.

I would also take into consideration not having every faction having them drop, Sansha already has a huge exploration value due to intact armor plates.

I’d have Area’s like

Angel Cartel Data/Relic Analyzer : To bring more explorers to Angel space.
Rouge Drone Data/Relic Analyzer: To bring more explorers to the huge wasted space we call drone lands.
Blood Raiders Data/Relic Analyzer: To Bring more people to the BR space.

All of this will increase explorers doing data sites, and with the added ability to get a new data/relic analyzer that is a bit better then a Tech 2, but not quite as good as a Faction Analyzer requiring level 5/5 to use, it will surely be a good thing for the economy and explorers.

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Which won’t help because there won’t be enough of them fot the market because of low supply? Now it’s pure speculation on materials side, bought them in bulk, sell after 2 weeks. I guarantee you’ll make a fat profit. That is the lesson CCP should learn if they want to all modules, even ded ones, to be build by players.

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Won’t help WHAT ? Please complete your sentences.

Do you UNDERSTAND that people do NOT do the data sites BECAUSE they have crappy drop ? that the drop is crappy BECAUSE it has low price ? THUS, that if the price starts to rise THEN people will start to do the data sites, THUS bringing in more supply ?

When the prices stabilize (and they will eventually), then CCP can make adjustements. This is just a small change to the market, and it takes time before it actually reaches its full effect.

Also considering the low drop rate. Do you know that some storyline modules items have a drop rate lower than 1/200 ? check the price of sleeper profound research notes. ( https://evemarketer.com/types/21569 ). Still nobody is crying because the drop rate of those items does not match their taste.

Now, maybe you have a point considering the drop RATIO compared to other items required. I don’t know.

Angel Cartel: Due to sophisticated research the blood raiders have developed the ability to determine which nodes will be useful. 10% increase chance that when a node is activated it produces a tool, instead of a defensive system.

Rouge Drone: Advancements in drone technology has produce some of the more prolific electromagnetic counter measures to assist in the hacking process. 10% chance that a defensive system will become short circuited thus not functioning allowing the user to essentially destroy the node.

Blood Raider: Secretive studies done at covert research facilities in order to improve the functionality of this analyzer gives anyone who uses it a unique advantage over other analyzers, have increased the functionality of this analyzer. +20 virus strength against the system core.

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