Were the Zeugma/Ligature analyzers designed to be so costly? (Also related to the value of data sites)

CCP already answered this question once in the past. They said “No” when the price of the Zeugma was 300m (I’ll use the Zeugma only for reference not to bloat text with numbers). I think the question has become relevant again. Some people feel CCP should never change things on the market once they’re already decided but the devs are not perfect and when it comes to items that are not getting used at the frequency they want to be, they have the right to change things to increase usage of those modules.

In June 2016, when faction analyzers were introduced, the Zeugma initially required 3000 high-tech items. At the time materials were worth 5k, which made the Zeugma cost round 18m. A few weeks later, the Zeugma skyrocketed to 300m. Some of us bought up the materials for the sake of increasing the cost of the modules and make a profit, which was perfectly fine. The problem was the supply did not keep up with the demand and we actually killed the market because the flux of sales was so low. Players barely used the new modules, there were only a handful of units sold per day.

In September 2016, CCP took action on this because they did not want faction analyzers to become one of those storyline modules that are lost and forgotten for years. Why would CCP introduce new modules that they wanted players to really use and have them cost so much? So they had 2 choices to bring prices down: decrease the required materials or increase the loot. They decided to decrease the required materials by 90%. Prices went down immediately (the Zeugma was around 40-50m) and players started using the faction analyzers.

Today the price of the Zeugma is around 150m. It’s half as much as the price at the time CCP intervened, but can we justify using this module today on an Astero or even a Stratios, let alone a Covert Ops? If CCP thinks the faction analyzers have become irrelevant again, with few units sold per day and few players using them, then I suggest they choose the second solution this time: increase the loot. Remember high-tech items all come from data sites. That means from the start CCP wanted to give players an incentive to run data sites, not just relic sites. They had good intentions but it just did not work. Players are still running mostly relic sites and are not giving enough supply to the market for the materials to fund the analyzers.

Nullsec and WH data cans typically yield 1 or 2 high-tech items, sometimes 3 or 4. If CCP wants to give data sites something to work towards, they can change these numbers. The value of data sites seems to be actually a bit higher than before because decryptors are worth more. Obvously it’s not enough for players to run them as much as relics, and more high-tech loot would be an additional incentive as well as help driving the faction analuyzers’ prices down.

On a side note, unrelated to the price of faction analyzers but regarding the value of data sites: datacores in data sites would become more valuable if the echange ratio of datacores in LP stores was lowered. This is however a risky measure as it could potentially affect the entire T2 market. Increasing the loot of high-tech items on the other hand would have no effect on anything else than the price of faction analyzers.


prices are going up because there are still bunch of materials needed to build them but quantity of said materials droped from data sites are as you described and that why single value of high-tech items is still low. CCP need to cut the materials by one digit. Prices will drop, and it may create incetive to to actually run the data sites to gather the materials to manufacture the abbadoned analyzers BPCs…

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even @100M I think they are worth their price.

Just try to fit a loki for The Archive without those …

I would like them to be cheaper as well. But lets be realistic.

If they got much cheaper then the basic modules would become forgotten and useless like storyline modules.

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