Zealot manufacturing in high sec

I have just returned to Eve after a 3 year break. Back then I researched up all the skills and basic BPO`s (all the sub components are ME 10 / TE20) to create Zealots (and other t2 Ammar ships) and make a profit. Coming back all my calculations work out that it cost me 275mill (buying the raw materials in Jita) to make a zealot but they sell for 160 mill! and ideas the system cost index I have is 2.2% if that helps.

275 mill to build a 160 mill ship… shhhhhh. Players run this economy. wink wink Don’t expose the lie. shhhhhhh…

People don’t use Zealots much because Legions are just better.

Zealots have their really niche uses:

Burning through refuges/frigate dens really fast thanks to ROF bonus, and being able to run the resulting escalations from both without re-shipping.

FW complexes which don’t takeT3C.

If you priced it off moon minerals in Jita, right now that market is in serious flux because of the change incoming, so look at the market history for what prices were 3-6 months ago, and also take into account manufacturing bonuses from structures & rigs.
Basically I suspect you are looking at a market movement that has left new entrants out in the cold currently while people building at the low point for materials still have a stockpile to move.

Minerals you mine are free.


This forum really needs a sarcasm font.

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That and this thread is about Zealot manufacture.

Minerals aren’t really that important. Of the 6000 or so units of various items that go into making a Zealot, 150 odd are minerals.

Moon goo is far more critical.

So even the “free minerals” gained by mining merkoxit really doesn’t mean much.

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Sadly zealots (and most HACs except the ishtar) are made utterly obsolete by Tech 3 Cruisers. They now mostly sit in people’s hangers as souvenirs of the old days. Occasionally they get used for fun, or some oddball role like FW plexes.

Can’t remember the last time I used one when a legion wouldn’t have done it better.

Advanced components have essentially doubled in price because of speculation in moon material due to the upcoming changes to moon mining. PI and salvage are also increasing because a lot of refineries are going to be built before the end of October.

This isn’t fully reflected in the price of T2 product because people stockpiled months ago and are now selling their stockpiles at massive margins (relative to what they paid for the material).

This isn’t a good time to be starting T2 manufacture. That said, once refineries start producing I expect the market to swing the other way fairly quickly. We’ll probably see some bargains toward the end of November and stabilize at a new normal by the end of the year.

I dont blame T3s.

HACs just are pretty crap overall in the current cruiser cascade, as well as expensive for what they can deliver.

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