Zeugma Integrated Analyzer prices

Is there another source of Zeugma Integrated Analyzers besides created from bpc’s found in wormhole loot? The reason I ask is that the price on the market doesn’t really seem to make any sense. The price to build the thing, given max skills, is about 96 Million, yet they sell at Jita for about 89 million ISK. Not that I am complaining, I love this module and use it all the time :slight_smile:

Even if someone stockpiled the high-tech parts required prior to the release of this new part, aren’t they are better off selling the parts and saving the BPC’s that they somehow collected?

Yeah, traders buying it off explorers who have decided to stop exploring or only run relic sites. If you look at the buy orders for all the named analyzers you will see there is a huge margin. The buy orders don’t fill often so it’s not something worth putting a lot of effort into though.

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