Too many hoops


(DrButterfly PHD) #1

There’s too many hoops to jump through in order to make a post on the pvp forum, especially for people who posted there on the old forum and for multiple accounts.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #2

2-4 clicks to make post or reply to topic (from main forum page). Not so may. Multiple accounts was explained in dev blog. They wont change this atm.

(DrButterfly PHD) #3

I wrote this seeing “new Topic” button being greyed out in “PvP Gameplay centre”. I assumed I had to do more tutorials for that damn bot (that’s what i meant by too many hoops). I created this post in the hopes that by posting here it would unlock being able to post elsewhere.

Turns out its actually just UI weirdness and I can post in there by making a new topic on the main page and selecting “Warfare & Tactics”. It’s not very intuitive.

I assumed multiple accounts would mean having to satisfy the bot-demon before posting on each account. I’ve not read the dev blog so maybe I made an ass out of u and me there.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #4

Need to be in any subcategory to post. Bit confusing at first touch but become more clear if you think about it more.

There is lot of topic right under yours in “New Forum Feedback” so you should simple read more about new forum. Or test it more to get used to it. Discourse is really new and modern type of forum. But you probable gonna like it.

(system) #5

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