[tool][esi] EVIC - EVE iCalendar

A way to synchronize your eve calendar in your ‘actual life’ calendar.


This tool was mainly made for personal use, but I guessed that more people would like this.
If you find breaking issues, can you send a in-game mail to: Torry Momaki

For the people who want to host it themselves or make it even better:

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Wow love it! Is this an open source project? Because I love to host eve stuff on my own server :rofl:

hey not yet, but I’ll put it on github soon!

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is there something special that needs to be done to import this into ical? I get a verification error when trying to import the calendar link into ios

Not that I am aware of. It should just work, but I don’t have anything ios so I can not say for sure.

Hey, I put in on github for you:

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thank you! I’ll give it a look over :slight_smile:

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