Tool to create shooping lists from a list of BPs?

I found a few sites that will do it 1 by 1 but I wanted to know if there was a site where you could copy and paste your inventory of BP/BPCs and come up with a list of materials that you can then import to the multibuy etc?


Yup that is the one I am using… How do I paste a list of BPs in instead of doing them 1 by 1 and using the arrow at the bottom to add the materials?

That’s not possible. I misread it as if you had to do the materials individually. My bad. You could try EVE IPH. That tool can show you all your blueprints but even with that tool you have to individually set job parameters and add them to the shopping list from which you can copy the materials for import in the ingame multi-buy tool.

Fair enough… Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Thanks for your help…!

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