Toons bought pls close

Low SP char decent engineering only cyb 1 tho
Focused Cal/Gal Frig.

Can do 3b

Done, mail me the isk and acc name after which I’ll transfer. Thanks! Going to sleep, will check in morning.

Isk & Evemail sent!
Lmk when transfer process is started !

Ty and enjoy the isk!

Transfer started, thanks :slight_smile:

can you load now? and see the skills?


all i can see is this no matter where i look from. maybe send a new link?

my bad it was on the option, i acitvate the option showing “social skill only” now it work if you try again

Best i can do is 6b

a little bit late mate , the toon’s not longer for sale, i extracted it my self :slight_smile:

Maybe next time :slight_smile:

Still wtb toons
How much can you offer?

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