Toons sold

Both Toons are in Jita 4-4
No Implants
No Jump Clones
Postive Wallet and Security Status

Capital Industrial Ships V
Logistics Cruisers V
Industrial Reconfiguration V
Advanced Mass Production V
Cybernetics V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Mining Drone Specialization V
Drone Interfacing V
Easily become FAX pilots or something else
10.1 mil SP in Shields

64.7 million skill points
Password: 1234
64 billion buyout

Mark Wakefield Spooky SOLD
56.4 million skill points
Password: 1234
56 billion buyout

Looking or a sale within 24 hours or I’m skill extracting both toons.
Can Contact me ingame or on discord Anduin Spartan#1635

I am for sale

I am for sale

DooCToor B/O 64 Bil.

Please Confirm and i’ll send isk

confirmed on 64 bil buyout for DooCTooR

isk and account info sent. Thanks :slight_smile:

Isk received and account transfer is in progress, thank you!

Thank you :slight_smile:


i wrote an in game offer

ingame offer was to extract toon to 20 mil sp for a buyout of 24 bil. I have accepted and extracted toon and waiting for isk.

isk and character information sent in game

isk received and transfer in progress, thank you

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