Who is -V S- ?

Viper Sovereign is a late night USTZ (Primetime: 02:00-07:00) wormhole corporation.

We are a newly established C4BH - C4 / C5 corporation whose primary focus is to become a powerhouse of low-class PvP.

Formed by a core squad of members who have been flying together for over a year, we are seeking like-minded pilots to become great additions to our group.


-V S- Youtube

-V S- Zkillboard

Recent Noteworthy Content:

Viper Armor vs WHSOC

Viper Armor + Krypted vs WHSOC

Viper Small Gang vs NoVac Small Gang

Rolling Bhaal Bait


    • PvP experience, we don’t mind teaching you about wormholes, we don’t want to teach you the basics of PvP.
    • Compatible mindset, we want you to have the initiative to improve the team and grow your skills.
    • T3 Armor Cruiser (Loki or Legion), T2 HAM’s, T2 RLML’s.
    • Active during our TZ without being a ping-warrior.

Appreciated Extras:

    • Scanner / Dictor Alts.
    • Multi-box capable.
    • Wormhole experience.
    • Willingness to be creative in what you bring to the group.
    • Video recording or video editing experience.

What we offer:

    • Experienced and driven leadership core.
    • Fully functional SRP & Buyback program.
    • Hyper-active content drivers.
    • Progression focused community.
    • Tripwire mapping tool.
    • Clear corporate goals & progression checkpoints.
    • Private corporate Discord.
    • Fully stocked & permanently maintained corporate contracts.

Join -V S- Public for more info o7

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Still looking to add a few more dudes.

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