Viper Sovereign [-V S-] is Recruiting - USTZ / Low-Class

Who is -V S- ?

Viper Sovereign is an ambitious C4BH-C4/C5 wormhole corporation, our primary TZ is late-night US (00:00-08:00 EVE)

You’ll be thrust into an environment focused on pilot progression; our primary objective is plunging our pilots into as many PvP scenarios as are afforded by wormhole space; this includes mid to large size fleet engagements, ganks, null roams, and anything we can get our hands on.

The potent duo of our devoted and motivated leadership and aggressive scouts make our corporation the perfect environment for PvP focused players.

With the on-set of the ACL bookmarks, we have also created the EGGBOIS. This corporation is designed to help acclimate inexperienced or returning players for life within -V S-. This intermediary corporation is a perfect fit for someone with the drive to be a part of -V S-, but just needs a bit of help.

Recruitment for both -V S- proper, and EGGBOIS can be found in game at -V S- Public


-V S- Youtube

-V S- Zkillboard

What can -V S- do for you?

    • PvP content, with a high focus on brawling style gameplay.
    • Discord for voice / text comms, Pathfinder mapper.
    • Fully functional SRP platform.
    • USTZ focus
    • Tight-knit community with a focus on group progression.
    • Fully stocked & permanently maintained corporate contracts.
    • Experienced and driven leadership core.
    • Clear corporate goals & progression checkpoints.

What -V S- wants from you:

    • PvP experience, we don’t mind teaching you about wormholes, we don’t want to teach you the basics of PvP.
    • Compatible mindset, we want you to have the initiative to improve the team and grow your skills.
    • T2 Armor Cruiser w/ T2 HAM, T2 RLML is a huge plus
    • We are experienced at bringing new pilots up to speed, all we need from you is the desire to contribute.

Appreciated Extras:

    • Multi-box capable.
    • Wormhole experience.
    • Willingness to be creative in what you bring to the group.
    • Video recording or video editing experience.

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Still lookin!

Bumper cars

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Bumping will continue until moral improves.

Had a GF with Krypted last night, who will be next?

A video of our fight with Krypted!

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Still recruiting!

Null sec is weird, come to wormholes!

Still recruiting!

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Still recruiting!

Supreme doinkening on some Frat boys last night!

Another fun scrap today, this time against Iridium -1.0


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