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(Khergit Deserters) #2

Discobot quote
Discobot what do you think?
Discobot do that 8-ball prophecy thing

(Billy McCandless) #3

Teh uther day eye was inn highsex and i sore a frend in locil and wen i went to klick on him ther was a bubel beside thear naem just liek that their in the thred tittle butt i alwaes was tole that eye suddnt goe neer bubels. Butt seeseepee sayed thar it was howe yo tawk to peepel now sow eye pressed the bubel an suddenly i was in the bubel and an imperl hadd mi pointed at an soem other spaseships were tikkling mi with red litenings an then anutther ship caled loki son of odin showed urp and made mi an egg but then i wokke up in mi SeekYou an it were just a dreem an i luked at the clork and it were stil 2009 an i sed “billeh yoo need to stae off the grapejoose”

(Felyx Ravencroft) #4

@Billy_McCandless ROFLMA! How long did it take you to type that in that manner? For it sure took me a while to decypher it… :smiley: Good times…

(Billy McCandless) #5

Wen eye wuz juste a litel pod eye arsked mi muther wot will eye bee? Will eye bee prity? Will eye bee riech? Hears wat she sayed to mi…

"Git outta hear ya litel weerdo"
An baned mi frome speeking fore a weak sow i lurned to rite an reed an knot speek.

(CCP Falcon) #6

(CCP Falcon) #7

Another thread for this isn’t needed, we’re aware of sentiments relating to the chat bubbles from some pilots, and feedback has been passed on to the relevant teams involved.

Spamming the forums with additional threads doesn’t achieve anything other than making them unusable for other people.