Tora! I don't think you should be doing this

Not avoiding Concord. Simply playing the game within the rules. And when that runs dry we have all sorts of goodies from neutral NPC RR to the ever popular corp hopping and pre accepting an app

Ok then, list the ways that you can get neutral reps which don’t violate the current rules around corp hopping/session changes or evade Concord. Since it’s bannable to corp hop on the same grid as your ‘future’ target because of overview update issues (I believe they also disabled that as a possibility but I haven’t personally checked every means). I mean sure, you can have them in a station during a wardec out of corp and change that way. But that still gives them warning. About as much as a log in trap would.

Edit, Also Drak Points up This is why it had to be done, because people abuse things deliberately.

I think neutral RR was fine going suspect, period…

If you end up doing nothing or making it too draconian because people will abuse then you end up making a mistake. Of course people will abuse it but that abuse by defenders was needed to balance against N+1 developing such as Marmite folding into PIRAT which I expected because they are so fixated on being able to contest against nullsec aggression.

I am not against what you suggested here, but ending the war dec with a fight was certainly the first port of call, though in the end I liked Jin’taan’s idea of a war dec structure which I would make easy as hell to blow up. Still if the objective was to get people to gang up then war HQ’s was the best way…

Of course there is deliberate abuse, but both sides can abuse it.

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Hell no. It takes months to balance pass and I like suspect game. The only thing I log in for is to deal with neutral logi

Well … when I saw “19 replies” I kind of feared looking at the thread. The first days it got zero replies and now it takes off. What a pleasant surprise seeing that I’m not just getting bashed. :blush:

You’re not quite up to date. CCP already successfully managed to start pulling mainstreamers and casuals in and the forums are evidence of that. This place might just harbour a tiny amount of people, but I believe that’s what makes it representative enough of the whole game. The amount of whine-threads is mindblowingly sad. CCP managed to attract people who treat EVE like a collection of minigames, farmers and instant gratification slaves.

The comparison is invalid. EVE is a much better game, actually. “Good” does not mean “Quality”. There’s plenty of retarded games out there with tons of people playing them, because the people themselves are of low quality. If you don’t understand this, look at “clicker” or “idle” games and how popular they are. They aren’t popular because they’re good, they’re popular because they’re psychologically manipulative.

The same can be said about music nowadays. It’s not good at all, science (like in games) simply has advanced enough that techniques have been found to get people to listen to them. See also the “ducktales tune”.

Please note: I’m not actually trying to argue against your post. I’m just trying to add things for completeness.

The changes were meant for the mainstream, not the tiny amount of mercs. It wasn’t meant to make highsec safer, it was meant to reduce structure spam and give the mainstream another thing they can be doing. I’ve ran through the data a month ago and the vast majority of wars, since the december changes, are done by corps who, so far, did ten wars or less.

I say it’s working as CCP wants it to be, the mercs with their stupidly predictable behaviour doing exactly what CCP wants them to do and eventually they’ll be gone because they’re incapable of properly adapting to the situation. And I seriously doubt that “100mill per war” is so much for any of them that they need to consolidate. Yes, again: They’re not actually successfully adapting to the situation.

What’s more likely is that they’re trying to keep up the delusion of being relevant … and, in the long run, it’s going to be their downfall.

Sorry for this mess of a post. It’s morning and I’m at my first tea. Not even coffee. *sigh*

What’s going to happen in the long run is that the one big merc corp is going to dissolve eventually, because they’re irrelevant in the big picture. CCP doesn’t care about the mercs, because the mercs are an irrelevant minority. They care about the little guys having content, thus they mainstreamed wars and moved the perceived objective away from destroying ships to destroying structures.


Biggest mistake ever.

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We quite like hitting cities in the sky. Better if we get a fight out of it. If you want to hire us we will protect your stuff!

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