Tornado ship

Hello guys, do you know some good fit for the Tornado ship? Only PvE mission

Yes. Don’t use attack battlecruisers for missions. :sweat_smile:

Use COMBAT battlecrusiers. They are right next to their sisterships in the ship tree. Google “EVE Online Combat battlecrusiers” to learn more!

Attack battlecrusiers have no application or tank. Tornado/Naga are horrible for PVE missions.


Ok thank you for the advice :smiley:

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The issues with Attack Battlecruisers for running missions are:

  • almost no tank
  • bad tracking

They have their niche use cases, which are mostly PvP-related.


It can work, but you have to know what you’re doing in the missions. I have done several LV4 with attack battlecruisers just for testing their capabilities, and if properly managed it can do good job. For example, Naga is a good sniper (have more dps than Rokh) and can do Gone Berserk without dificult, but if you mess the triggers you can have a lot of dps incoming.

Second, it dont have drones (excepting Talos), and if a frigate warp scrambles your ship, you can be stuck in the mission (I had a Mobile Depot in cargo and small guns if necessary). And I only made t2 fits, if I were losing one it was not expensive. If you dont know the missions very well, I do not recomend.


Adding to the above advice.

Yes, they don’t have much tank and the transversal tracking isn’t great. But they use Large cannons and have great range depending on weapon type. (Sniper)

If you are going to use an Attack Battlecruiser your targets need be Cruisers or above. Anything smaller than that and you will need 0 Transversal velocity and 0 Angular velocity. Which is also just a good idea in a sniper fit…which is what I am suggesting. You can do this by landing at 100km and burning away from your target. Not every site will let you land at 100km, but you can do this belt ratting all day.

Land at range, burn away, stay at range. Have a celestial that you can quickly align too if you need to get out. Pop and repeat.

Not efficient, but good sniping practice.

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Just get a Hurricane. They are meaningfully fantastic battlecruisers.

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Thanks everyone for advices :wink::+1:t2:

Fly Drake - win EVE!

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