Which ship to use for combat missions?

Specifically L3 security missions and combat storyline missions spawned from L4 distribution missions. I’d like to stick with Minmatar or at least something that uses projectiles - I have a preference for autocannons. Would a Tornado be okay or is the lack of tank an issue?

Tornado is possible, but a Hurricane is more versatile. But all depends on your skills anyway.

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Well…if you absolutely insist on flying ugly ships and using inelegant weapons, the Hurricane will do what you want.

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Don’t mind the roleplayer. :wink:

Minmatar ships and weapons are perfectly relevant in today’s meta.
The question is more “what do you want to do?”

In your specific case, a Hurricane or Cyclone would be better for your needs.

The Hurricane is quite versatile in what it can do. Shield tank, armor tank, “speed” tank, auto-cannons, artillery, etc.
The Cyclone is more of a tanky shield beast. I can’t remember if it is split between turrets and missiles, but it is worth a look nonetheless.

A Tornado… mmmmm… that ship is designed to deal large amounts of damage at range and run away at a decent speed. It is not meant to soak up damage over a prolonged period of time.
Hell, it doesn’t even have drones for point defense.
A single frigate at very close range can gnaw it down.

This is not to say the Tornado is bad… merely that it is not designed for brawling or mission running (similar to the other Tier 3 Battlecruisers).


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