Total Mayhem - 100% PvP - Small Gang - Sniggerdly (Pandemic Legion) Affiliate

I’ve lost ships today, have you? Come on over to our discord to get hazed, err I mean get recruiting information!

I am uhhhh making the PSA today that we are in fact, still recruiting. Come on over and be recruited!

Spaceships, but better

Oh a hehe small bump oh join a spaceship hehe

Hello there, come fly things and shoot other flying things

We’re still (always) looking for a few good capsuleers. Come improve your PvP skills with us.

Issa bump

shameless bump

Still looking for more pilots.

These guys are awesome, couldn’t recommend more highly.

I wouldn’t be half the pilot I am today if not for my time in Total Mayhem and Sniggerdly. If you can handle the heat, sustain the cost of your losses, and the nomadic lifestyle is appealing to you, there is a lot of fun to be had.

Our recruitment is still open. If you like to shoot space stuff you should come on over and talk to one of our recruiters.


looking for a good time? Our recruitment is open. Get on our discord and talk to one of our recruiters

Even without the blackout, we’re still having fun blowing up other people’s spaceships :slight_smile:

Henlo uwu


Recruitment is open.


Recruitment is open