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Hello kind sirs. What is the current lowest cost of production for zirnitras? Help would be appreciated

Thank you, but I’m too dumb to understand what the total cost is. My goal is not to produce them. Could you please tell me the total cost? Much appreciated

Take line item. Look up cost on market, multiply by quantity. Repeat. Add them together.

You passed basic arithmetic at some point I assume?

Or amazingly click on the prices tab on the webpage and it has done the math.


Kentucky education right here.

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I have never done any production. I don’t know what do add up and what tax has to do with anything.

The total the website gives is 1,900,599,586 isk. I’m pretty sure it costs a bit more than 2b to make a zirnitra.

Thanks for your help.

I’m from Norway. Thanks guys

There are taxes in the right column

Then we answered your question. Now you just need to buy a BPC (hint, thats why the ship is so expensive).

Hint, BPC costs 2b. You in particular didn’t answer anything at all, in fact you are demonstrably wrong and as useful as a white crayon.

Still a good tool when trying to depict a snowstorm.

So people gave you a website that gives you production cost. You seem to already know the BP cost. I assume you can add (they presumably teach that in norway) . Sounds like you got your answer.

Oh and if you think the interactions in this thread are “toxic”, you are gonna have a great time on these forums.


Wait, who is the toxic guy again? :smiley:

Did you also double check the prices for all components? Because i am pretty sure, that you also need to buy a few of those BPCs. Pretty sure that will be a bit more than 2b.

Greetings, white crayon

Oh, so the cost to produce a zirnitra is 1.9b + 2b = 4b? Good to know the person giving me advice is a buffoon without common sense.

Why waste a random’s time, I dont understand? Why give advice when you both are so utterly clueless? The price is not remotely 4b (as confirmed to me by both common fcking sense, and an actually helpful person:

It wasn’t that hard to give a number. That was what I asked for. You just didn’t know it and wanted to sound smart. @Hink_Yaken I hope you outlast your relatives

So yeah, the 3 special capital components are super expensive. Like if the BPCs for them would be super expensive, but you still refused to also check those BPC prices, right?

Instead of your Fuzzwork link you could fly to Jita, simulate the Zirnitra BPC and hit “buy all”. We expected you wanted a tool to build it from scratch, or i could have just linkted you an Evepraisal of the required parts :smiley:

Btw, somebody is selling a full build set for around 10b on contracts. That would be a better deal, than your linked “calculations”

Fly safe, white crayon.

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The only advice I have been giving is on basic math skills. My guess is that you aren’t actually too dumb to figure it out, you are just too lazy.

Fly safe.


I am seeing BPC sets for around 3B. Presumably that is not a full set?

The one i saw seemed fine. You get the Zirnitra BPC, the unique component BPCs and the gun BPC. As far as my lazy checking goes, you can buy all the needed components for those BPCs and you need to get yourself the normal capital component BPCs, but they should be cheap on contracts.

Is “white crayon” a new insult, or does it only apply to this topic?

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The way I see it, white crayon is a compliment. It is a specialized tool that is very good at what it does. Furthermore, it is clear when it is the wrong tool for the job.