Zirnitra cost of production

Hello everyone,
I want to find out the cost to produce a zirnitra. I’m not looking to do it myself, I just want to know :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

Does not include cost of the blueprint. Install price will vary depending on the system cost index of the system where it is built.


Yeah, this is easily calculated. So you might want to try not being lazy, not spamming the forums with the same question, and not getting mad when people point you in the right direction instead of just telling you the answer.

But, if not, that’s fine with me. I look forward to the responses.

Saw the other thread.

Hell, don’t be so freaking lazy.

Take all the materials, add them up and add the blueprint cost and actual station service cost.

Why would anyone do that for you, when you can do it yourself easily.

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