Looking for a blueprint calculator

Hi I’m looking to find a good blueprint calculator preferably with . I was trying to use fuzzworks blueprint but found it cumbersome and hard to read. I just want something that will just list per unit cost of multiple items preferably with up to date resources cost. Any suggestions?

What ya mean cumbersome? Fuzzwork it’s a common tool… Just be patient and you’ll get things sort out in your head.

To produce reasonably accurate results, a blueprint calculator needs to know:

  • System cost index
  • ME/TE of blueprint
  • Facility bonuses
  • Character skills and implants
  • Invention cost
  • Material cost
  • Market fees - brokerage and tax

and probably a few others. Steve accounts for everything except the market fees though setup can be a bit cumbersome. It would be nice if the tool could set a cookie and remember some stuff!

I have some idea of what some of it does but I’m confused by some of it. Like Item Unit Price is that the current sale price or is it the total cost of the unit. Then what does Job Material Cost mean? It especially becomes confusing when the job material cost is almost 10x higher then the item price.

Also I would really like to use the mass calculator but their is very little documentation on what they want in each parameter.

I love using isk per hour, it even imports character data with your API key.

Item unit price: How much the item is on the market. Unaffected by the number of runs you’re doing.

Job material cost: How much you’re paying for materials, for that job. Affected by the number of runs you’re doing. Doesn’t include anything like the blueprint cost, or the build price.

Job base price: How much the industry window will use when calculating the cost to build a thing. (affected by things like the index, and any taxes)

Install price: How much it’ll cost to actually install that job.

build time: How long it’ll take to do the job.

Profit: take what you’d get for selling it (no taxes/fees are included in this, as they’re affected by skills and standing), subtract what it’ll actually cost to make it in fees and materials.

profit isk/hr: Take the profit, divide it by the time to make it.

Profit isk/hr (Normalized to 24 hours): Take the profit, divide it by the time to make it. Work it out as if 24 hours is the smallest time window you can actually use. (isk/hr isn’t much use if it takes 8 hours, but you won’t be on again to run another job at the end of that)

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Is that a per unit price? or a run price? is there a quick ref for how many units each BP does on the page.

Is their a doc on the mass calculator? I don’t understand the input format.

It’s a per job cost. if you increase the number of runs, you increase the job material cost.

Has to be that way, as material rounding kicks in at the job level, not run level. So you have to look at the numbers at a run level.

I haven’t put anything in about the output quantities. The numbers are taken into account on the profit calculations though.

The mass calculator isn’t particularly documented I’m afraid. It’s really designed for when you use the accompanying google sheet function to pull a list of blueprints.

Its great site btw. I do appreciate your clarifications I was looking for help on the site do you have a help section when I have more questions later?

Try this one: https://khon.space/blueprint/

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I don’t have a specific help section, no.

I can be found on twitter, the tweetfleet slack (@fuzzysteve on both), evemail and here though :slight_smile:

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