Please help me with industry profit/loss calulcation

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I want to build an app that calculates the ISK profit and LP cost of building ships from their blueprints.

For example, I can get a Stabber Fleet Issue Blueprint for 5 million ISK and 45,000 LP. I can get the minerals requirements for that BP and I can get the prices of those minerals to calculate the mineral cost. I can also get the price of the SFI and subtract the LP store and mineral costs to calculate profit.

There’s a couple of holes in that though:

  1. Is the BPC from the LP store 0 ME or some other ME level?
  2. What about the manufacturing tax charged by the citadel I use? If it’s 2% (is that reasonable?), what’s that 2% of? The final selling price of the SFI? The mineral price? What price is used for those?

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Try fuzzworks (on mobile so don’t have the link handy). I think that does what you need

(DrButterfly PHD) #3

It does, but I want to create my own application that generates that data so I need to understand the calculations behind fuzzworks. In relation to question 1, it looks like fuzzworks uses the ME0 values, but I’d love somebody to confirm if that’s right.

Looking at fuzzworks doesn’t help me with question 2, i.e. how does Fuzzworks calculate the “other cost”?

(Tipa Riot) #4

The manufacturing tax is from the industry fee based on the system index, usually something you can ignore if it’s not set to 50%. BPCs from stores are always 0 ME. It’s not a big deal, get a calculator and maybe a sheet of paper, sum up all your costs - the price you plan to sell it, this is your profit.

If you want to judge about the LP only (which you should do), you can check what the price your BPC is going on contracts, and take the difference you paid in the store to calculate the value per LP.

(DrButterfly PHD) #5

I don’t think I can get contracts via API, so i want to use the ship cost instead, but that’s for the idea.

I need the price to be pretty accurate so don’t want to ignore the manufacturing tax. Any advice on the specifics of how this is calculated? I read somewhere that it’s based on EVE’s determination of the material cost (which i can get via API) - can anybody confirm/deny if that’s true?

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #6

Never gone into that level of detail I’m afraid, I jjst use myown crappy spreadsheets for a rough guide on profit.

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