Tracking Enhancers balance pass

When tracking enhancers got rebalanced a few years ago, it was the goal to make them stronger than an unscripted tracking computer, but weaker than a scripted one. Now, let us look at the values:

(optimal Range / falloff range / tracking)
7.5% / 15% / 15% (unscripted Computer Tech II)
10% / 20% / 9.5% (Enhancer Tech II)
15% / 30% / 30% (scripted Computer Tech II (of course either range or tracking would be zero because of script))

Now, looking at optimal and falloff, they are where they supposed to be, between the unscripted and scripted version, although, it surely wouldn´t hurt to buff enhancers a little bit to 11.5% optimal and 22.5% falloff. I know the numbers are a little bit unusual, but it would bring them more in the middle (optimal rounded up), and let´s be honest, every autocannon and blaster user would be happy if they could squeeze out another kilometer of their guns.

What confused me since they got their balance pass back then is the tracking. Why is the tracking bonus of an unscripted tracking computer over 50% higher than the one of the enhancer? (and 200% bigger when scripted). That´s why I propose that the tracking of tracking enhancers get increased to at least 20%, to get them in line with the tracking computer (or 22,5% in the reasoning above)

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I like it, no where near as broken as they where back all those years ago but at least they can catch up a little with drones (Large/fighters hitting frigs easily) and RLML which have insane tracking.

…nerf the falloff range. Op success. /thread

Yeah i also don’t remember the point being to make them better than unscripted tc’s.

Even unscripted, tc’s take cap and more fitting. It makes sense that they would be stronger, even unscripted.

I’d be fine with a bump in the 2.5-5.0% range.

Where did you fish that “goal”?

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i never heard this?

Okay, looked it up again. Fozzi didn´t right out say it was the goal, but to quote him:


And my main point was about the tracking itself, the range thing was just a sidenote.

Sop essentially, tracking was never intended to be modified. What you are asking for is for TEs to be better at everything than a non-scripted TC while it also use less fittings and require no cap to use. TC would of course also only be better at something if scripted so at the cost of the other bonus. You think that is balanced?

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