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Hello there,
For now we need to cycle red, change script and turn back on, i dont know if this is worth a new post but the main idea is to change script without cycling red and module load script next cycle, it would be an amazing add to quality of life, i dont know for you but from time to time when in fights i forget to turn back on or even change script
i hope this post will have positive answers
Thank you

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Also, yeah. I guess it would be nice to be able to initiate the script change whenever you think about it, and then have it automatically execute as soon as the module is ready.

Seems like something for the small things thread though. Of course, that thread now has 1.8k posts. I keep meaning to catch up on the new posts… and it keeps getting longer.

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Not just for SeBos. for TCs (tracking computers), MGCs (missile guidance computers)… and for ReSeBos, RTCs, and the future RMGCs, too? hell yeah! (remote versions of all 3 types of module). And sure, all the EWAR ones, too (tracking disruptors, missile disruptors, sensor damps, etc.).

It would be the in-space version of being able to clone jump without having to pause your skillqueue beforehand and have to remember to unpause your skillqueue afterwards.

Being able to not have to turn it off, change script, turn it on (sometimes for… 3, 4, 5 different modules?)… man, that would be swell. But yeah, like Jones said, suggest it in the small things topic.

Laser crystals too whilst we’re at it.

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that would not make any sense. you need to power off the weapon first in order to change crystals or you’ll get electrocuted

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