Scripts for strip miners

ey, how about scripts for a strip miner? a script that will make me able to boost its range? Seems like it would be an awesome thing.

Did you try a Mining Burst, with the Mining Laser Field Enhancement? I think not…

Did you try to think before you replied? I think not

By the way why does the most closed minded people always roam the features and ideas section? Whats that about?

I could ask you the same, that module and charge increase the range of Mining Modules. Then, why add a Script to the Mining module itself?

The close-minded here is you, buddy.

Oh, about those that are really interested, there are ships that do the Job this guy want. They are the Porpoise, the Orca and the Rorqual

Guys, come on. If you can’t have a civil discussion on this I will close this thread.


Sorry mate, I get trigger =( I’ll be a better guy next time.

He starts of being a total prick, he got what he deserved

That was directed at BOTH of you.


Just lock the thread i dont care, it serves no purpose, the only people that come here are haters and losers. CCP would rather make skins and rebalance ships for the umpteenth time and stupid ■■■■ like that anyway. Bye

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Bye Felicia…

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@Wesfahrn honestly, boosts are exactly what you are looking for.

This is akin to asking for a script for my missile launcher to make it shoot farther. The scripted modules are all mid slot modules in the case you’re referring to.

Wallyx did not start being a prick, you did when he didn’t love your idea. He instead pointed out exactly what you were looking for, and you decided to ■■■■ down his throat for it.

In a “massively multiplayer game”, you’re expected to get the best of things by playing with other people. If you don’t want that, roll an alt account. There’s a very clear reason for boosts having the requirements they have.

yea but, you know, scripts AND the booster from the rorquals. come on man…

Yes god forbid miners got extra range, totally game breaking. Ya’ll are goddamn idiots :slight_smile:

I don’t see it logical to add both things. If there wasn’t a range booster, maybe. But even in that case, I’ll suggest the booster, not the script.

Also, the T2 Strip Miner have ammo. Add script on top of that?

Seriously, with the booster, you’ll have better range and is not game breaking. And stop with the Insults, ok?

I totally get ya man… miners dont always have a booster alt or a corp booster on atm… and I think its actually a logical idea and teh immature responses are nothing you should pay much attention to. I get sucked in too a lot and it throws the legitimecy on the idea. I believe this is a great idea… and even though some may disagree, it may or may not serve the way the game works. so that has to be taken into account. would this be a script for new module? could this be a script concept, where it would also ext the range of the survey scanner? a module that could ao boost your own m3… that you can fit on your own ship. have it stack with the boosts if you get an orca too…

So which one are you?


can I be both? i just wanna play


Please refrain from posting if you are just going to troll


It could be a new module, akin to sensor booster, except it boosts miners. But you already got mining laser upgrades, so maybe the scripts should be loaded into those. Or maybe it should just be loaded into the miner itself, i dont know.

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